Just like everyone I was also a beginner at the start when I first started making applications for Android. But that was 3 years ago. I did many mistakes in this journey of Android Development. In this article, you’ll know the 5 big mistakes I did as an Android Developer (I still do some of them)

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Let’s see what mistakes I did

#1 Not writing clean code 😵

Code meme

At the start, I really didn’t know what the heck is clean code. It is recommended to write clean code because of some obvious reasons:

  • Reusable code (Such as Methods and Classes)
  • Easy to read and edit.

My old code was full of crap. I didn’t use folders to organize my classes. I used to write duplicate code instead of using reusable methods.

Well, you should not do this mistake. Always write clean code to prevent “Who wrote that crap?”

#2 Not using an architecture 🏦

WTF Per Minutes

Writing clean code and using an architecture, both are linked to each other. And guess what I didn’t use any of them.

It is a recommended practice to use one of the code architecture in your project, most used architectures are MVVM, MVP, etc. Using an architecture makes your code readable and reusable for the long term.

As your codebase grows you’ll know why it is always good to use an architecture.

#3 Always using Firebase 🔥

Yeah yeah, I know Firebase is good for beginners, but you can’t always rely on Firebase (By Firebase, I mean Firebase’s Firestore and Realtime Database). In real-world scenarios, you’ll be asked to use MySql, MongoDB, or other Databases for the project.

I don’t mean to completely remove Firebase from your project, Firebase’s Analytics and Remote Configs, etc. are really a lifesaver for developers, you should use them in your projects.

By using different databases you’ll know how to consume APIs and connect the app to different databases.

#4 Falling in love with your ‘Design’ 🎨

I found this in an Instagram post (I don’t remember the username). You should not fall in love with your Design. If you fall in love with your design you’ll be afraid to change the design or try out new things in the design niche. Always try out new things and take inspiration from others (but don’t copy them).

#5 Sticking to just one technology 💻

I did this mistake. Always try out new libraries, frameworks, etc. Don’t just stick to Native development, try out React Native, Flutter, Angular, etc. If you stick to one thing you’ll never stay updated on the latest technology trends.

It is really important for a developer to stay updated on the latest technologies (or Trending ones). By trying new things you’ll always learn something new

Final words

These mistakes might sound stupid to you, but I think you should not do these mistake. If you liked this post, please share it with your friends and let them know about these mistakes. Leave a comment for any suggestions or motivation.

Featured image from Pexels by Negative Space

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